Checkbox 5 Report Wizard Guide

This document will take you through the steps of generating a new visual report using the Checkbox Report Wizard.


  • Enter Report Wizard
  • Configure & Generate Report
  • View & Run Report From Survey Dashboard

Enter Report Wizard

From the Checkbox Survey Manager, select the survey you wish to generate a report for to expand the Survey Dashboard.

Select the Reports tab from the dashboard menu.

If no reports have been created for this survey, you will see "0" in parentheses on the Reports menu bar, and "No Reports" in the report list area.

  1. Create New = Open the Report Wizard to generate a new report
  2. View All = Enter the Reports Manager to view and manage all created reports for this survey
  3. Manage Filters = Create and manage report filters. The filters created here can be applied to any report generated for this survey

Click on the Create New button to open the Report Wizard.

Configure & Generate Report

Step 1: Name

  1. Provide a Name for your report
  2. Select Report Type: Report Wizard (one chart will automatically be generated for each reportable survey item. Charts can be modified or deleted.) or Blank Report (report is generated with no existing charts. You must build them manually)
  3. Apply an existing Style Template from the drop-down list. You can also show your survey title at the top of your report pages by selecting Display Survey Title.
  4. Click Next to continue

Step 2: Item Options

When Report Type is set to Report Wizard on Step 1, you will see a list of reportable survey items and associated chart types on the Item Options page. If you selected Blank Report on the first step you will be skipped to the end of the wizard.

On the Item Options step you should see the default chart type/survey item type pairs shown above. According to this configuration, the results for all Radio Button question items in your survey will be displayed as Pie Charts in your report, the results for all Checkbox question items in your survey will be displayed as Column Graphs, an so on.

To change the default chart type for a reportable survey item, expand the drop-down list and select another chart option. You can also change the chart type in the Report Editor after completing the Report Wizard.

Step 3: Report Options

  1. An alias acts as alternate question text. Aliases are created in survey item editors and can be enabled when generating reports and exports. If you included one or more aliases in your survey, check the "Use Aliases" box here to display aliases in the survey report in place of question text.
  2. Check this box to place all charts and tables on the same report page. When you run the report, you will be able to scroll through the entire report without moving to another page. If this box is left unchecked, the report pages will mimic that of your survey. For example, if you generate a report for a three page survey with three radio button questions on each page, the report will also contain three pages with three report items on each page.
  3. Set the maximum number of item options (answer choices) allowed in a chart before switching to a summary table display. This features is useful when displaying results for a question with several answer options. For example, let's say you have a Radio Button question in your survey with 20 possible answer choices and you've set Radio Button question responses to display as pie charts in your report. If you don't want to squeeze all 20 options into a pie chart, you can set a maximum value here that will tell Checkbox to automatically display this particular question as a summary table instead of a pie chart, when that value is reached.
  4. Click the Next button to review your report settings.

NOTE: After a report is created, report pages and item locations can be changed in the Report Editor.

Step 4: Review

Review your report settings.

  1. Click the Previous button to return to earlier steps
  2. Click the Finish button to save your report settings

Step 5: Finish

When you have reached this step, your report has been created. At this point you can either:

  1. Edit your new report
  2. Run your new report to view live data
  3. Create another report
  4. Close the Report Wizard and return to the Survey Manager Dashboard

In this example we will select Edit Report.

The Report Editor layout is similar to the Survey Editor layout in that pages and items are listed on the left side of the window and items are edited on the right side of the window. From here you can add or make changes to report items.

Select the orange Run Report button to open a live report in a new browser tab/window.

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