Checkbox 5 Survey Creation Guide

This How-To Guide walks you though the process of creating a new survey from the Survey Manager, adding a Question Item to a page, and then returning to the Survey Manager.

Create New Survey

Enter the Survey Manager by selecting the SURVEYS at the top of the page.

To create a new survey, select the Create Survey button in the Survey Manager menu.

Configure Survey

Configure your initial survey settings within the dialog box that appears.

  1. Create a name for the survey
  2. This is an option feature, as Checkbox will automatically generate an activation URL for all surveys. However, if you wish to create a customized URL you may do so here. The Alternate URL field will auto-fill as you enter a survey name but this text can be modified.
  3. Enabling scoring will allow you to assign numeric values to answer choices and insert scoring-specific items, such as Scoring Messages. This function is commonly used for tests and quizzes.
  4. Enable this option if you wish to allow respondents to reset a survey page. A "Reset" button will be added to the survey navigation buttons at the bottom of your survey. When selected, all answers on that page will be cleared.
  5. Enable this option if you wish to allow this survey to be edited while it is live and collecting responses. Disabling this function means that this survey can not be edited once activated.
  6. Enable this option if you want this survey activated immediately. You will be able to activate/deactivate this survey at any time once the survey is created.
  7. Choose to apply pre-existing style templates for various devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). This is an optional setting. Styles may be added at any time once the survey is created.
  8. Choose to move the survey to a pre-existing survey folder. This is an option setting. You may move surveys to folders at any time once the survey is created.

In this example, we will name our survey 'Feedback Survey' and leave all other settings as their defaults.

Once your initial survey settings are configured, select SAVE to enter the Survey Editor.

NOTE: All survey settings in this window can be modified later within the Survey Manager.

Add Item

The Survey Editor is where you can add pages, items, and logic to a survey.

Page 1 is pre-populated by default. To add an item to Page 1, select Add Item on the page bar

Select Item

A window will appear from which you will choose and position your survey item. Choose from four survey item categories:

  1. Question Items
  2. Display Items
  3. Report Items
  4. Action Items

In this example we will select Radio Buttons from the Question Items list. A preview of your selection will appear on the right-hand side of the window.

Select NEXT to move to continue.

NOTE: For more information on Question Items view the Checkbox 5 Question Items Guide >>

Configure Item

An item editor will appear. From this window you can configure:

  • Question/description text
  • Answer choices
  • Item behavior
  • Item appearance

NOTE: Each survey item has a unique item editor. After viewing this How-To Guide, add each item type to a survey to test out the different item options available for each one. For details on each item editor view the Checkbox 5 Question Items Guide >>

NOTE: Checkbox will automatically save your changes as you move from tab to tab. Select SAVE when you have completed your item configuration to return to the Survey Editor.

In this example we will enter the following text under the Question Text:

"Was this your first customer support interaction with our company?"

CHECKBOX TIP: Use the HTML editor to format test, add tables, images, links, and more!

Next, we will select the Choices tab and enter the following answer options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure

Select the "+" icon to the left of the text field to save the answer choice and add a new line.

Select SAVE to save the survey item and return to the Survey Editor.

Preview Item

Our new Radio Button item has now been added to Page 1 of our survey. Select the item to preview the item and expand the item editor tabs. Use these tabs to make changes to your survey item.

You can add and experiment with a few more Survey Items by clicking ‘Add Item’ again and completing the previously outlined process.

At any point you may Preview (1) or Test (2) your survey. Previewing a survey will simply show you what each page looks like, while testing the survey will simulate how the survey will act during a response and will generate a test response.

View Survey Dashboard

The Survey Dashboard is located within the Survey Manager and contains all pertinent information related to a survey. To view the Survey Dashboard from the Survey Editor, select 'Back To Manager' on the left side of the editor.

Edit Survey

Once in the Survey Manager, your survey should be pre-select on the left-hand side of the page, and the survey's dashboard should be open on the right-hand side of the page.

A Survey Dashboard consists of several tabs, including:

  • Overview: survey status
  • Settings: permissions. appearance and language settings
  • Responses: view and export survey responses
  • Reports: view and generate reports
  • Invitations: generate and deploy survey invitations

To return to the Survey Editor, select the Edit Survey button at the top of the dashboard.

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