How to Add Recipients to an Existing Invitation (Checkbox 6)

Checkbox allows you to add recipients to existing pending and sent Checkbox Email Invitations. For example, let's say yesterday you sent an survey invitation to an email list, but today realized that you forgot to include someone on the list. Checkbox 6 allows you to add the new email address to the existing recipient list and resend the invitation to only that pending recipient.

Another example might be adding recipients to a scheduled invitation, which is the example we've used in this Checkbox User Guide.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add new recipients to an existing Checkbox email invitation:

Step 1: Select Survey

Select the survey you wish to add recipients to from the Survey Manager. Once selected, that survey's dashboard will appear on the right. At the top of the dashboard menu, open the Sharing pull-down and select Manage Invitations.

Step 2: Select Invitation

Select the invitation you wish to add recipients to. If you have a long list of invitations you can use the Filter drop-down to sort invitations by "All", "Drafts", "Scheduled", and "Sent".

Once the invitation is selected, a window will appear. You can view your existing recipient list by selecting the View All button under Recipients.

Click the "x" to close the window and return to the invitation detail.

Step 3: Add Recipients

To add new recipients to your invitation recipient list, expand the Invitation Actions pull-down and select Add Recipients.

A window will appear. From here you have several options for adding recipients:

  • Enter email addresses manually
  • Select from existing list of Checkbox registered users
  • Select from existing list of Checkbox user groups
  • Select from existing list of email lists

In the above example we entered email addresses into the available text field under the Email Addresses tab.

After selecting new recipients, click Add to Invitation to save.

Click the "x" to close the window and return to the invitation detail.

Step 4: Confirm New Recipients

Close out of the "add recipients" window and look at your invitation detail. The number of pending recipients should have increased by the number of new recipients you just added. To view the recipients, select View All under Recipients.

To remove a recipient, select desired recipient from the list and click the Remove Selected Recipient(s) button that appears.

Click the "x" to close the window and return to the invitation detail.

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